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Six things women need to know before intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting (aka IFing) can be a great tool to lower insulin, improve insulin resistance, feel good, and lose weight. It can also be detrimental to the female metabolism!

I see most women want to intermittent fast because of these reasons:

Some of these are valid reasons, but if you are nauseated in the morning and therefore can’t stomach food in the morning, you most likely have an underlying issue, including possible decreased stomach acid, imbalance in cortisol levels, or hypoglycemia.

The main medical indications I use for initiating intermittent fasting in women are:

Now that we know why women commonly wish to intermittent fast, and now what the medical implications are… Let’s talk about my 6 rules for intermittent fasting.


RULE #1 – FOR MOST WOMEN… intermittent fasting should be a tool and NOT A RULE


RULE #2 – Nutrient-rich diet must be the backbone


RULE #3 – Timing is everything


RULE #4 – Fruit isn’t that good for you


RULE #5 – Not all carbs are bad!


RULE #6 – Electrolytes are easily depleted in states that mimic fasting or are true fasting states – which IFing is, so you need to replenish.


For more in-depth explations – please see my hour long YouTube Video “Intermittent fasting for women – 6 things you need to know before starting”


This blog or the video does not constitute medical advice, and you should always ask the qualified health care practioner who oversees your health FIRST before implementing any treatment or lifestyle change.

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