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Top Five Weight Loss Tips for Men + Women

This blog post is part of a weight loss series – which was specifically requested by YOU! This is the first post in the series… You can also watch videos where I explain things in even more depth on IG TV and YouTube!

This article is for people who need to “get rid of” large amounts of pounds! This article is not for those of you who need to lose 5-10 pounds. This for people who need to lose big for their health.

#1… You have to get labs drawn!


#2…  Increase daily movement!


#3…  Lift weights!


#4… There has to be a calorie deficit!


#5… Drink water + consider a detox!


There you have it – my Five Weight Loss tips that MEN OR WOMEN can implement for effective, sustainable weight loss.

And you know what? I hate the term weight loss. Let’s call it “get rid of fat” because when you lose something, generally you want to find it again… not the case here! 😉


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