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2020 Gift guide for the healthy woman

Every year when gift guides come out, I am always sad I didn’t release one! Throught the year I’m always recommending different products to my patients in order to help support their health and make their life EASIER! So this year, I am finally complining a list of products that that have made a difference in my life – or that I know a woman in your life will LOVE!

I am not associated with any of these products, and the only affiliate links I share are at the bottom, and labeled!

I hope this guide gives you some great ideas 🙂

For the plant lover:

  1. Hamama growing kit – Grow your own microgreens for salad toppings, at home!
  2. Watering can – The right watering can actually makes a big difference.
  3. Fiddle leaf fig tree – Have a bright window? Your fiddle leaf fig will thrive in front of it.
  4. Plant mister – Keep plants fresh, and it’s cute on display!
  5. Mini succulent pots – Everyone loves a succulent window sill.

For the coffee/tea lover:

  1. Milk frother/blender – Blend powders into drinks easily, or froth warm milk!
  2. Nontoxic French Press – An absolutely ZERO plastic french press
  3. Clean Coffee – Coffee is one of the dirtiest crops – this coffee is mold-free, organic, and more!
  4. Hand wrap mug – Warm up your hands and cozy up with your favorite warm beverage.

For the eco friendly homebody:

  1. Laundry detergent – Actually get the STINK out of your workout gear!
  2. Dr. Bronner’s soap – This basic product can be transformed into floor cleaner or foam soap!
  3. Mason jar pour top – Make storing and pouring liquids easier on your mason jar loving lady!
  4. iLids mason jar storage tops – Storage options with zero-spill.
  5. Clean/dirty magnet – Keep track of what’s in the dishwasher!
  6. Over the cabinet/wall organizer – Hang this on the wall or in the cabinet. Stores cutting boards or baggie boxes!

For the foodie:

  1. Go Macro Bars – Great pre-workout or bedtime snack!
  2. Coconut milk – I love coconut milk that doesn’t taste like a can…
  3. All Clad pan – Non-toxic pans that last forever.
  4. OXO storage – These food storage containers are the best I’ve found (and I’ve tried many).
  5. OXO spatula – This spatula is so useful and stands the test of time!
  6. Lid storage – Not going to lie this product changed my life.

For the beauty products queen:

  1. Shampoo brush – Got dandruff? Scalp psoriasis? Seb derm? This helps exfoliate your scalp.
  2. Dry skin brush – Great for stimulating the lymph = happy skin!
  3. Scrunchies – Scrunchies are back and I am so excited about it.
  4. Face serums – Ladies love serums 😉
  5. Organizer bag set – Organize makeup, serums, scrunchies, travel necessities, and more!
  6. Hydro-Flask water bottle – Gotta hydrate to keep skin glowing, and this water bottle is non-toxic!

*My affiliate products that I love:

  1. Mantra Bands – Wear encouraging, minimalistic, simple jewelry with YOUR OWN mantra on it! (Code: DRMEG)
  2. TempDrop – A wearable basal body temperature tracker, so you can cycle track effortlessly! (Code: BRV433UDFLUE5)
  3. Lucky Iron Fish – Get your iron levels up without an iron supplement. (Code: none – click the link!)
  4. Paleo Treats – The highest quality, most delicious pre-made desserts on the market. (Code: DRMEG)

*As you know, I am very choosy about what I recommend. I am affiliated with these products (meaning if you click the link and buy you get a discount and I get a small amount of $), because I LOVE them, I use them personally, and I recommend them to patients almost daily.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and happy gift-giving! I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

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