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About Dr. Meg

Hi, my name is Dr. Meagan Breining, and I am an Idaho and California licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor. My patients usually call me “Dr. Meg.” I completed my four-year medical training at the amazing Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. I also hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Biology from Biola University in Southern California.

I became interested in natural medicine after becoming a patient of my first Naturopathic doctor at the age of 12. Always fascinated by the compassion and intelligence of my own NDs, I wanted their knowledge, but had no idea that medical school was in my future. Years later, about to graduate from college, I applied to Naturopathic medical school and never looked back. My NDs helped me recover from chronic skin complaints (seborrheic dermatitis), chronic constipation, thyroid issues, and mega period problems.

My main interests involve endocrinology, metabolism, family medicine, women’s health, fitness, and botanical medicine.

The conditions I most commonly treat include:

My approach uses both traditional Naturopathic medicine combined with Functional Medicine. Therapeutics I enjoy using are diet/nutrition, exercise, IV therapy, botanical medicine, nutritional supplements, and counseling. I feel like it’s my job to think critically and holistically about your health, and I consider myself a health detective.

I am a thyroid-, Paleo-, gluten-free/Celiac-, and disordered eating-savvy doctor.

I grew up in New England, but moved to California for college to get out of the snow. After college, I moved to Seattle, WA, to get my Naturopathic Medical Degree. Surprisingly, I did adjust to the rain! After medical school, I practiced in San Diego for 4 years, before moving to Boise, Idaho in 2021, with my husband, Shane. We both love Idaho and are so happy to live in beautiful Boise!

In my free time you’ll find me spending time with my husband Shane, young daughter Grace, or dog Polar, or hanging out with family + friends. I like to take long walks, climb mountains, lift heavy weights in our home gym, and research health-related topics. I am also an avid cook and enjoy creating delicious (gluten-free) recipes for my loved ones. I even used to have a food blog!

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