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If you’re a healthcare practitioner, like a nutrition coach, registered dietician, acupuncturist, holistic life coach, or nutritionist, and you want to grow your understanding of functional medicine and lab testing, this group is for you.

I created this mentorship group because for years I had various practitioners asking me “how do you know this stuff?”

So I decided to create a way that I can teach YOU my unique approach to clients.

This group is designed to help you:


#1 The structure of the group is entirely MEMBER-LEAD – what that means is that I take feedback from members about what topics and discussions we want to cover, and once a week or multiple times per month, we do a hour video forum.

#2 Members can (at any time) post a case for group discussion. I read through all discussions and comment my thoughts and answers to questions. You can upload non-identified lab work and I help you interpret it. This is a GREAT way to get real feedback about REAL cases that you’re struggling with.

I want to teach you MY unique approach to clients, which has been very successful. I want you to have a space where you feel like you can get some mentorship, more ideas, and more treatment tools. It can be lonely practicing solo or practicing in the online space. This group gives you a space to help GROW your knowledge and confidence, but also helps you not feel so dang alone.

Any questions about the membership? Visit the link above, or email

For 1:1 sessions, please visit my Calendly to book:

The rate is $250/hour.

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