Book club

I am constantly on the look out for great books. Education is a powerful resource. I learned so much in my own self-study before I became a doctor, and I find books so valuable for self-education. These are the books I often recommend to patients. The link will take you to Amazon. I earn a small amount from your click, so thank you so much for your support!

This book is absolutely monumental for anyone experiencing ongoing depression or anxiety (or any other serious psychiatric condition), or someone who has experienced trauma.

For any woman interested in learning FAM (Fertility Awareness Method), or is interested in learning about her female body, or how to fall pregnant, or female hormones/menstruation works, this book is an incredible resource.

Anxiety is a condition I commonly treat in my practice. This book is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to heal their anxiety naturally.

For anyone wanting to understand HPA-axis dysfunction, this book is easy to read, has (comic) photos, and is great for clinicians and lay persons. After years of practice I still refer to this book and recommend it to others.