How To Make A Smoothie


Want to make healthy smoothies but have no idea where to start? This quick start smoothie guide is a great way to de-mystify the smoothie making process. We all like different flavors and textures – this guide talks about portions + ingredients, and things you DON’T want to do when making smoothies, so that you’re smoothie making can be nutritious and delicious right from the start! You don’t always have to follow a recipe – you can wing it with the ingredients you have on hand. This guide will teach you all this and more.

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When you’re new to smoothies, there are a million ways to get it wrong. I created this guide to help you learn how to make HEALTHY smoothies at home. Smoothies that taste good, where you don’t have to make the same one every single day, that are actually helpful for your body in terms of nutrition, blood sugar balance, and hormone balance.

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