How Do I Become A Patient?

Welcome! I’m so glad you are here 🙂

How do I become a patient?

It’s simple really! All you have to do is make an appointment.

I have questions for you before I make a new patient appointment, so how do I reach you?

Great question. Go into my online scheduler and schedule a 15 minute (free) INTRO call with me, and we can have a brief conversation to determine if I can help you.

I don’t live in California… how can I work with you?

Good news 🙂 I see clients all over the country, via phone or video call; USA only. To be able to work with me as an out of state client, you need to have your own PCP on the ground where you live, who will be responsible for ordering labs for you, and/or prescribing medications. I cannnot order lab work or order prescriptions for distance clients that live in other states. We work with your doctors in your state to make this happen. I can guide you with your health and coordinate with your doctor. I can make many recommendations for you regarding your health. But I cannot offer medical advice.

What is the first visit with you like?

The initial consultation is 90 minutes, or 1.5 hours.  We go in-depth about your health history, medical history, social history, all of it!  It’s like we both become detectives.  If the visit is in person, there will be some physical exam. After the appointment, we usually do blood work or other testing.  Then about two weeks later, we have a 60 minute follow up visit to discuss lab work and next steps.  Sometimes, we need more time with our visits, so visits can be up to 90 minutes, or broken up into several visits. After the first follow up, we develop a treatment plan, and we make a plan to help you execute it over a 3-6 month time-frame. After 3-6 months has passed, we follow up and often do lab restesting.

How do I pay for visits?

I charge patients online via credit card, which is required for booking the appointment; and I charge the card after the appointment. A few local clients like to pay me with check at the time of their visit, which is acceptable too.

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be booked easily online!

If you need an appointment time that is not available, please email me. I have other appointment hours available upon request 🙂 Texting also gets a very quick response 858-264-6624. This is my business phone.

Do you do blood draws in office?

Yes, on a case by case basis, and usually on Wednesday mornings.

What lab testing do you offer?

I usually recommend a variety of testing:

  • Comprehensive blood work:
    • Contains pretty much anything you could every want!
    • Yes – I know how to run full hormone and full thyroid panels ;)… and I do it all the time!
  • DUTCH testing
  • Adrenal dysfunction testing
  • Micronutrient testing
  • Omega Check
  • Leaky gut testing
  • Stool testing


Are labs covered by insurance?

Yes, and no. It depends on what insurance carrier you have, and where you live. Most people pay cash for labs. I work with many labs to get you the BEST possible price. I don’t make money off of labs.

Labs were previously covered under insurance, by many labs in early 2020 have switched their models away from insurance reimbursement and are now only accepting cash only. This has changed a few things, and now most labs are paid for by the client with check or credit card.

I am contracted with Quest Labs, but you have to have good insurance coverage, a PPO plan, and have verified with your insurance company that the labs will be covered. Using Quest works great for basic labwork. More in-depth panels are best run as cash.

Do you work with insurance?

I do not take insurance for my visits. Insurance can help cover the cost of some labs (sometimes).

Do you work with XYZ condition?

I posted a list of the issues I most commonly treat here.

Do you offer trades or any discounts on your visits or offer a sliding scale?

No, this is actually illegal. And I do not offer a sliding scale at this time.