Dr. Meg has been nothing less than wonderful to work with. She is a breath of fresh air and extremely professional. I have been seeing Dr. Meg for over a year after I experienced various symptoms that were brushed off by my PCP. I was so impressed, I now have had her see my children as well. My son had started to develop psoriasis on his elbows, progressively getting worse over the last few years. Within a month of seeing Dr. Meg, his elbows are nearly all clear. She treated him in a holistic fashion. She addressed emotions as well as physical symptoms. I am so thankful to have her on my family’s side.”   — Mikayla M.


“You have really influenced me, since the last time I saw you, I have lost 80 lbs. I took your advice and stopped eating gluten and dairy!! I also joined WW and have walked consistently about 5 miles per day.”  — BD


“I’ve been working with Dr. Meg for a couple years now.  I found her when I was feeling my worst.  No periods, exhausted all the time, my hair was falling out and I had major anxiety.  I’m so happy to say after working with Dr. Meg and following her protocols I feel like a new person.  I have had my period for 6 months straight after not having it since a teenager.  Did I mention I’m 40 years old?!?  She seriously changed my life and I don’t know what I would do without her.  Working with her was the best thing I have done for my health.”  — Megan S.