Introducing the be bold detox program

A different online course to teach you how to safe and effectively detox.

This is more than a juice cleanse.

You’re here because you’ve done detoxes that make you feel horrible, and you want a safe doctor-inspired version that you can always turn to whenever you need a whole-body tune up.

You’re here because you want a detox that SAFE…

…that won’t mess with your hormones,

…and contains actual REAL FOOD to eat and won’t leave you feeling starving!

I can tell you right now, you’re in the perfect place.

This course IS going to teach you all the detox information, along with actionable tips, that you MIGHT not already know…

Like how phase 1 and phase 2 liver is important… or how you need to detox your mind as well as doing a physical detox, like improving your diet.

Doesn’t that sound cool?

There’s all that and MORE in the BE BOLD DETOX PROGRAM.

If you want:

better poops

clearer skin

less brain fog

less bloating + gas

more energy

easier periods

increased fertility

less inflammation…

Then this program is FOR YOU!

This program is designed to help women who have “pesky” daily symptoms, like digestive issues, hormonal imbalance, and inflammation, feel lighter and less puffy, have clearer skin, and improve digestive function!

This program is also designed to empower and educate you, so that you know how to safely and effectively incorporate daily detox habits, as well as when to do a yearly or bi-annual detox.

This program is MORE than a detox. It’s similar to a foundations course – IN THIS COURSE, I teach you a lot of basics I wish all my patients knew, plus it includes a detox.

The course contains 7 educational MODULES filled with content!



I teach you the detox basics I believe everyone needs to know

  • Signs you need to detox
  • The science behind HOW to detox safely and effectively
  • Why DETOX is so important
  • How you should feel on the detox



I help you create your CUSTOM plan for detoxing on all levels

  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Pre-Detox Symptom quiz



Everything you need to know, so you can begin your detox

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition, hydration
  • Technology
  • Skin
  • Sweat, movement, exercise
  • Toxins



Resources to help keep you accountable all 30 days

  • Planning calendar
  • My favorite DETOX recipes
  • Your Daily Checklist
  • “WHY” sheet
  • Be Bold Foods list



Get your detox kit and start detoxing + supplement guide

  • How to use your kit for structured detox
  • Getting set up with supplements
  • Other supplements to incorporate


continue the momentum

You’ve got results and motivation – let’s continue that

  • How to support detox each day
  • Keeping the diet “clean”
  • Revisiting your “WHY”
  • Post-detox symptom quiz


detox troubleshooting

Having some issues? This part is for you

  • Home remedies when detox makes you ill
  • How to know what’s a healthy detox symptom and what’s not

The Be Bold Detox Program is designed to be a self-guided 30 day detox, so you can go at your own pace. You can also come back to it at a later time, if life gets in the way.

Course content will be viewable all at once (not dripped), so you can do modules out of order, if desired.

Have questions? Drop me line —->

Ready to jump in?

You get all this fantastic content, for ONLY $99 (supplements are encouraged/optional and not included in this fee)

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