About Naturopathic Medicine

“What is a Naturopath?” is something that I often get asked. My response usually explains that Naturopathic medicine comes from the Naturopathic medical philosophy, just like MD medicince comes from the “drug-disease” model, just like DO medicine comes with the osteopathic philosophy, just like acupuncture comes from a Chinese medicine philosophy, just like DC medicine comes from the chiropractic philosophy.  It’s all medicine, the lens with which we view it through is different.

These are our principles, this is the way we approach and treat every individual that comes into our office. Our approach is unique in that we recognize both the innate wisdom and the individuality of the body.

The Naturopathic Principles
1. First Do No Harm  Primum non nocere
2. The Healing Power of Nature  Vis medicatrix naturae
3. Identify and Treat the Cause  Tolle causam
4. Doctor as Teacher  Docere
5. Treat the Whole Person  Tolle totum
6. Prevention, Health and Wellness  Preventare

The Naturopathic Therapeutic Order  (How we approach patient treatment)

1. Establish the Conditions for Health –> Address Determinants of Health:
⁃ Identify and Remove Disturbing Factors (obstacles to cure)
⁃ Institute a More Healthful Regimen
2. Stimulate the Vis Medicatrix Naturae
3. Tonify Weakened Systems
4. Correct Structural Integrity
5. Address Pathology: Natural Substances
6. Address Pathology: Pharmacologic or Synthetic Substances
7. Suppress or Surgically Remove Pathology

The Determinants of Health

These are what is needed to promote a healthy person. Without any of these, human flourishing is not obtainable. I cannot help you if these determinants are not first addressed.

1. Fresh air
2. Clean water / adequate hydration
3. Healthy food
4. Healthy relationships / social interaction / community
5. Exercise / Movement
6. Adequate sleep
7. Rest / time in nature
8. Sunshine