You are here because you want results with your health. You finally want to see things change. I don’t blame you. I too was a patient who didn’t receive help from traditional doctors. Most patients I work with have multiple layers to their symptoms. My role in your health journey is to help uncover the source of the dysfunction which is causing your symptoms, and to develop a plan for you to follow, so that you can experience health again.

Naturopathic Medicine Patient Visits

We start with a 90 minute visit, where we talk through all your medical history and health goals. This is a time for the doctor to get to know you and all the factors that affect your health. The more we know about your day to day lifestyle and how you think, the better we can work together to help you heal. Our care is very patient centered and collaborative, and we expect you to take an active role in your care. After the first visit, we typically do some lab work, whether it’s blood, urine, saliva, or stool testing. Then in 3-4 weeks, we have a 60 minute follow up to go over the results and create a treatment plan. Dr. Meg designs treatment plans that can be executed over 3 to 6 months. Expect to follow up with the doctor every 3 months, but your actual recommendation may vary. Retesting is done on an as needed basis. Dr. Meg works with patients physically located in California and Idaho only.

Health Consultations – *No longer accepting out of state clients*

This is the best option for individuals that do not live in California. In our first visit we will talk about your health goals, and will make basic health and lifestyle recommendations. We do not order lab work for out of state clients, or prescribe medications. Consultations are meant to be educational health consultations, and Dr. Meg does not assume the role of your doctor. In order to consult with Dr. Meg in this way, we require clients to have an active health care team in their local area who is responsible for advising them on the best medical decisions for their health.

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