Top Five Weight Loss Tips for Men + Women

This blog post is part of a weight loss series – which was specifically requested by YOU! This is the first post in the series… You can also watch videos where I explain things in even more depth on IG TV and YouTube!

This article is for people who need to “get rid of” large amounts of pounds! This article is not for those of you who need to lose 5-10 pounds. This for people who need to lose big for their health.

#1… You have to get labs drawn!

  • Labs give us GUIDANCE as to why you could be overweight
  • You could have an underlying condition, like…
    • slow thyroid
    • diabetes / pre-diabetes
    • metabolic syndrome
    • high insulin
    • blood sugar problems
    • I will go into this in a future video since!


#2…  Increase daily movement!

  • You cannot lose weight and keep it off long term with a sedentary lifestyle, or if you have a sedentary job and then only have 1 hour of movement a day
  • So here are my tips to start infusing movement into your day more often:
    • Park far away from where you are going
    • For errands in town, if it’s within a ½ mile, park in one place and walk
    • Take the stairs, ALWAYS (no exceptions, unless you are moving or unless you’ve injured yourself)
    • Go for a walk after lunch and after dinner


#3…  Lift weights!

  • Lifting weights increases your muscle mass and decreases your fat mass
  • Muscle is more metabolically active than fat
  • Fat mass is actually very inflammatory. The less fat mass we have, the better off we are for health, disease development and longevity.
  • Higher muscle mass increases your basal metabolic rate, or BMR, so you will be a more efficient energy user when you are at rest = leaner body over time


#4… There has to be a calorie deficit!

  • This is easy if you losely track your calories or macros
  • Use an online tracker and a food scale diligently for about 2 months until you learn about portion sizes
  • Have a nutritionist calculate what your needs are for your body weight RIGHT NOW
  • You are not eating for the body you want – your calories must support your mass now, otherwise that will trigger your body to hold onto weight
  • Calorie deficits are easier to get to when you eat a nutrient dense diet
  • Focus on filling and high water content foods – so you can eat high volume without a lot of calories… Example: smoothies, scrambles, stir-fries, salads


#5… Drink water + consider a detox!

  • Fat holds onto toxins like a Swiffer holds onto dust
  • Doing a detox before you lose weight can help the weight loss period go more smoothly
  • Whenever you are “burning fat” fat is coming OUT of your adipocytes or fat cells, and this fat is inflammatory and contains TOXINS
  • Your body will be subject to those toxins as it is circulatingin the blood and later getting eliminated.
    • Sometimes the body doesn’t want to lose weight because it “senses” the toxic burden of the fat… which sounds weird, but I see my more toxic patients have a hard time losing weight because of this toxic burden


There you have it – my Five Weight Loss tips that MEN OR WOMEN can implement for effective, sustainable weight loss.

And you know what? I hate the term weight loss. Let’s call it “get rid of fat” because when you lose something, generally you want to find it again… not the case here! 😉


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