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A few weeks ago I released a video where I spoke about a follower’s question “how do we make healthy choices daily, weekly, monthly? how do we prioritize certain exercise or nutrition goals plus life goals? what does a weekly wellness template look like?”

Well this is the answer. I’ve created a downloadable resource for you to print and fill in with your weekly goals. We are more likely to stick to habits when we track them, and especially seeing a visual representation can be very powerful!

Examples of items to include:

Vegetable intake, protein intake, supplements, walks, lifting weights, reading, meditation, language learning, gym time, research, hobbies like gardening, cooking… The possibilities are endless. Design it however you’d like to track habits / increase personal responsibility šŸ˜‰

The first week I did this exercise I tracked the use of my WaterPik (a home-use dental water-flosser), if I went on a walk that day, if I had a smoothie or taken my fish oil, if I had a generous serving of greens that day, my water intake, if I had posted an IG post, if I took out my contact lens by 6 pm, and if I had read through any of my reading pile!

Click the link above to download. If this resource has been helpful for you – share with your friends!

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